Futsal Rules

Please read all the rules of the game as when you sign up you will be requested to say that you understand them. If you are a captain of a team make sure all your team has read them ..... they are slightly different and its a faster game.

Rules. 2014 

1. Each team to consist of a panel of 8 players no more. This allows for 5 subs with 5 players on the court at any one time. Substitutions can be made as often as required, but the referee has to be notified when they are being made, and they have to be made when the game is stopped.

2. Each game to have 2, 7 minute halves.

3. Every game to start on the allotted time. Each team must sign in at least 10 mins before their fixture is due to start.

4. Any team more than 3 minutes late on court is automatically knocked out.

5. Any player that receives 2 yellow cards during the tournament is automatically suspended for the next game, this being the game following the 2nd yellow card.

6. Any player receiving a straight red card is suspended for the remainder of the tournament.

7. The team scoring the most goals wins the game.

8. The referees decision in every game is final.

9. In the event of any dispute, the committees decision is final.

10. Each team must register before the start of the tournament, this means the panel they mean to use, once registered, the players on that panel cannot play with any other team in the tournament.

In accordance with Futsal rules these extra conditions apply.

1.   No shoulder charges.

2.   No slide tackling....except by the goalkeeper, and only in his area.

3.   All line balls to be kicked back into play

4.   A player cannot score direct from a line ball

5.   All balls that go over the end line to be re-started by throwing the ball back into play by the goalkeeper.

6.   A time limit of 4 secs. applies to all free kicks, line balls, re-starts and corner kicks. Longer than this results in the ball going to the opposition.

7.   All opposition players must be at least 5 metres from the ball at corners, line balls, and free kicks.

8.   Any team conceding more than 5 Direct free kicks in any one half will result in a 10 metre. penalty being awarded against them for each subsequent direct free after that,  irrespective of where the foul is committed.

9. Normal penalty rules apply.

10. Any player sent off is suspended for the remainder of the game. No substitute is allowed for him until a time of 2 mins has elapsed, then his team can bring on a replacement. If however, the opposition team score a goal in this time, the 2 mins, then they can bring on a replacement straight away.

11.  From a line ball you can pass it to your goalkeeper, once he passes it to a team mate they cannot pass it back to him again unless either an opposition player touches the ball first...or his team cross the halfway line with the ball.

12.  For safety reasons...all players must wear shin guards.

13   A player that receives two yellow cards will be suspended for the next game.

14   A player that receives a straight red card will be suspended for the next game.

15.Violent conduct or abusive behaviour will result in a player being suspended from the rest of the tournament.

16 No off- sides

Additional Rules

In the event of two team being tied on points at the end of the League, the following criteria should be applied:

Result of game between the sides

Goals difference

Goals scored

If still tied, teams shall play a maximum of 5 minutes per half, ‘golden goal’ rule to apply (i.e. first team to score wins). If at the end of extra time, teams are still tied a penalty shoot out will take place with three kicks per team to apply. If still tied, sudden death penalties to apply.

 If more than two team are tied then the competition shall be decided as follows:

Goal difference

Goals scored

If still tied, a round robin penalty shoot- out shall take place. Three kicks each, with sudden death penalties to be used if still tied. At the end, the top two teams will take part in a further penalty shoot- out to decide the winner.

It is recommended that all participants view a video of Futsal rules to acquaint themselves with the extra steps needed to participate correctly provided on this website on the rules and video pages.

Full rules available at the following Fifa website


Video Rules