Your College needs you!!


2017/2018 Inaugural Winners 

"College of Science " led by Prof Donal Leech"who  recieved the prestigious President's Cup

with a cash prize of €5,000 sponsored by the Bank of Ireland to be spent on a Health & Wellbeing Initative for the students & staff of their college.

NUI Galway Intramural & Recreational Activites (President's Cup) provides the opportunity for physical activity and social integration through participation in a designated range of activities.

NUI Galway sport endeavours to provide opportunities that encourage a sense of community with a purposeful approach to wellbeing by combining activities that promote camaraderie and good fun through a diverse schedule of team and individual events, further promoting collegiate bonds through those events.

The 5 colleges are:        College of Arts,Social Sciences and Celtic Studies.

College of Business, Public Policy and Law.

College of Engineering and Informatics.

College of Science.

College Medicine, Nursing and Health Science.

A simple scoring system is in place.Each participant is awarded 1 point per activity.Winning the event is a by product of the activities, this is a numbers game thus encouraging as many participants as possible for each event from each college or department .

                                             PARTICIPANTS = POINTS  

   News Flash: Due to popular demand we are now running a parallell programme for all departments that may not sit under a college umbrella.Next Event :Treasure Hunt 23rd of January!    

            We will identify the strand of the competiton that is attached when you register  

                                                         same rules apply!!.


Events to Come: look out for the forth coming posters and event details .

Tug of War 

Glow in the Dark Dodge Ball 

Agility Circuit,climb under,over,and around obstacles sports hall athletics with a twist.